• Target Marketing

    Target Marketing

    We analyze, study and positioned strategically products imported through SMART MARKETING, our SPECIALIZED MARKETING DIVISION.

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  • Importing Products

    Importing Products

    TRADE AND SAS, conducts, manages and executes processes importation of products of all kinds, always subjects to all technical and legal requirements.

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  • Wholesale Distribution

    Wholesale Distribution

    TRADE AND SAS, has different operating divisions that allow it channeling and distributed the products to commercialize efficiently and timely.

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  • Creating Businesses

    Creating Businesses

    TRADE AND SAS, leaning on its subsidiaries divisions of specialist trade, is in the ability to manage, advise and create new companies.

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Available services

Meet our extensive portfolio of services designed especially for the needs of our customers.

TRADE AND SAS has developed a comprehensive portfolio of services, always thinking of the comfort and productivity of our customers. We have services designed with specialized logistics structure which ensures productivity and optimization strategic marketing of the products and services of our customers.

Generalities of our Services

  • Specialized Services Portfolio

    Specialized Services Portfolio

    We develop, structure and implement services with a great diversity, designed with the purpose of offering a large portfolio adjusted to all the requirements of today's markets globalized, creating more competitive opportunities of marketing and brand positioning, market momentum, smart marketing, and selling products with the highest quality standards, besides being supported by various international certifications that guarantee quality products.
  • Advanced Distribution Lines

    Advanced Distribution Lines

    In a global market, for manufacturers and distributors of products to market, it's very important to have an infrastructure, an organization and some affordable costs and profitable, for this reason TRADE AND SAS, has achieved establish specific strategies, with manufacturers of diverse international backgrounds, interested in positioning their products to regional levels in 5 continents. Similarly, TRADE AND SAS, has consolidated specialized distribution lines in each of the various products we offer inside our extensive and diversified Stock, which ensures a market positioning and an appropriate return for each client who wants to join our select line of distribution.