• Import X -ray Tube

    Import X -ray Tube

    We have distribution and comercalización x -ray tube in Colombia , we are representatives of IAE Italy to Latin America.

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  • Integrated Business Consulting

    IntegratedBusiness Consulting

    TRADE AND SAS, has a highly qualified physician experienced in the team, we will provide tools...

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  • Strategy Marketing


    Our team will identify opportunities and marketing planning to achieve market customers boosting their profits and favorable market presecia in your corporate...

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  • Importing Filters

    Importing Filters

    We distribute a line of water filters manufactured with advanced technology that require no electrical connections or otherwise except itself and it...

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Available Products

Meet our broad portfolio of Specialized Products oriented massive consumer market.

TRADE AND SAS has developed a broad portfolio of Import of Specialized Products, always oriented to satisfy the needs required by the consumer, always meeting with highest standards of quality in all our lines of specialized marketing. We import quality products and a high marketing ranking in all regional markets worldwide, ensuring the efficiency and quality of all our products in our line of import.

Overview of our products

  • Products Marketing Imported

    Products Marketing Imported

    We develop, we structure and implement sales services of Specialized Products oriented to massive consumer of various kinds through all our providers strategically located in various parts of the world, we have different products and oriented to very specific needs of our clients.
  • Advanced Distribution Lines

    Advanced Distribution Lines

    In a global market, for manufacturers and distributors of products to market, it is very important to have an infrastructure, an organization and some affordable costs and profitable, for this reason TRADE AND SAS, has achieved establish specific strategies, with manufacturers of diverse international backgrounds, interested in positioning their products to regional levels in 5 continents. Similarly, TRADE AND SAS, has consolidated specialized distribution lines in each of the various products we offer inside our extensive and diversified Stock, which ensures a market positioning and an appropriate return for each client who wants to join our select line of distribution.