Multi sector Import

Your wholesale provider of foreign products.
TRADE AND SAS, is a quintessential importer of a broad portfolio of consumer products from abroad, with strategic alliances in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and other European countries, TRADE AND SAS has a large catalog of products aimed at various national and international markets; for this, TRADE AND SAS, uses his DISTRIBUTION DIVISIONS that are oriented each to a specific product category.

TRADE AND SAS has product of clinical line, of human consumption, industrial liqueurs, raw material and various products, designed to meet all the requirements of our customer, fully complying with the highest standards of quality and with international certifications where endorse the superiority and quality of the product to commercialize.

We always have Stock in our product marketing inventory, which make us easier to mass marketing because our suppliers are the direct manufacturers of the products to market, thus enjoying the benefits of a permanent inventory and according to the needs created by the demand for the products to market.