Privacy Policy

All information presents on this Site is protected by laws on copyright and belongs to Trade And SAS, considered for the effects of this document and henceforth denominates as LA COMPANY.

The information on this website has been prepared in order to inform the user about Trade And SAS, as well as products and services that COMPANY offers through internet. THE COMPANY reserves the right to change the terms and conditions as well as to change the products and services offered on this Website without notice or liability for it.

For purposes of the information on this Site, the term "User" means any person who enters in in order to know and/or use the products and services provided on the Website.

The user couldn't to use the information in this site for commercial purposes other than those set forth herein, such that the use or modification of the contents of for purposes other than those specified in this document are strictly prohibited.

The information in has been collected from internal and external sources. In each case, we will ensure that its contents are updated. However, is probable that there are outdated or incomplete information, so we warn the user about the needs to validate the information at the service office, before make use of any service or product. We also thank the user to send a message to the email address, in case of any mistake or terms of expiration or validity of the information.

Occasionally, this Website may provide references to other websites or links with other companies that are advertising in this site. COMPANY is not responsible for the content of the information and the goods and/or services and/or products offered on those sites. All links to other sites are with the aim to give the user more information about services available in the market, which we believe can be useful, but carries no commercial offer to promote them by COMPANY and the eventual recruiting them will be made ​​under the sole responsibility of the user.

The services of the COMPANY on this website, are explicit in the information of this Site, unless precise indications made ​​in other way.

Some rates and terms of the COMPANY'S products that are showing on this website apply only to the purchase of products and services made ​​directly through from here, in that sense the respective rates and conditions will indicate.

Except as noted above, in general the rates shown on this Site will be equal to those available in the market for be purchased directly through the Trade And SAS offices or other sales channels: commercial Aseosres, and more of the COMPANY or agency.

With the exception of personal information received from the user, according the terms of use and privacy assurance that will given below, COMPANY reserves the right to make fair use for commercial purposes of any communication, idea, invention unregistered , concept, technical knowledge, etc., provided by the user.

The terms and conditions present to promote products and services exclusive of the COMPANY on this website, are an offer made to unspecified persons and therefore are not mandatory. The COMPANY reserves the right to withdraw to the public these offers any time.

A. Free access and use of the Website:
The access to the Website is free to the user and does not require prior subscription or registration. However, the use of some services may require a subscription or registration of the user, as will indicate you at the time at which you want to access these options.

B. Obligation to use properly of the Website and the Services
The User agrees to use the Website and the services offered here, in accordance with the law, with these General Terms and with morality and decency.

The User will be the liable for damages that may cause to the COMPANY or others third party for misuse of the Website and of the information contained therein.

Are considered like misuses, being this list illustrative and not exhaustive, the following:
Reproduce, copy or distribute the information for commercial purposes. Transform or modify the information in the Website.

Delete or manipulate the copyright and other data that identifies and individualizes to or holders embedded in the content as well as technical protection devices, digital fingerprints or any mechanisms for access to information.

Use the contents of the Website or the services offered on it, to send advertising, communications for direct marketing purposes or any other commercial purpose.

Use the information to send unsolicited messages to a plurality of persons, regardless of their purpose, etc.

Providing false or incorrect data that may mislead or prejudice of the COMPANY or a third party.

C. Denial and withdrawal of access to the Website and / or services.
COMPANY reserves the right to refuse or withdraw access to the Website and / or the services & products at any time without prior notice to the user who violates the conditions set forth herein or the particular conditions that may apply.

D. Permanence and terminating
The service of the Website and other services will be of indefinite duration, but the COMPANY reserves the right to terminate or suspend the service of the Website and / or any of the services offered therein at any time.

When that be reasonably possible, COMPANY will warn previously the termination or suspension of the provision of the Website service and other services.

The conditions of access and use established and conflicts that may arise regarding the interpretation, use, scope and termination are governed by Colombian law and are subject to Colombian judges in accordance with the standards of the competence, especially by Act 527 of 1999 of e-commerce.

No license or authorization of use

By the mere fact access to the Website or the use of the services offered there, COMPANY doesn't know license or authorization of use of any kind, on its rights of intellectual and industrial property or any other property or right related to the Website, services or content.