Advantages - Company Profile

Extensive experience in sales and services.
With extensive international experience, TRADE AND SAS, is consolidated in the market as a company at the forefront of all current requirements that demand a more specialized and competitive market.

Highly qualified staff
TRADE AND SAS, has highly qualified staff and a profile suitable for all kinds of requirements and needs demanded by our customers, our staff is in constantly training in order to provide to our customers, services with the highest quality standards.

Always at the forefront
TRADE AND SAS, has a solid structure and in constant renewal adjusting always their principles and operational capabilities of the hand with the current demands of markets and corporations, with an open and solid scheme strategically designed to be always at the forefront of trends global markets.

Strategic Partners
TRADE AND SAS, has an extensive list of global companies that provide to TRADE AND SAS of an extensive portfolio of products of all kinds, with back, guarantee and recognition and global footprint, with the highest standards of quality.
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Always hand in hand with technology
TRADE AND SAS, within their infrastructure, always supports on end technology to satisfy all the technical requirements necessary to perform their job with the highest quality standards.