Sales and Marketing

Specialized Import all type of foreign products with back and security
TRADE AND SAS, has a long history in the marketing of goods, services and products on the global marked, always characterized as a leader in positioning processes, boost and massive sales of all their portfolios, in addition, it always has counted with backed certifications and quality control on all products that markets in all the world, which adds as an added value in all markets of the world.

Specialized Lines of Distribution
Through experience of years in the market by its Leader, TRADE AND SAS, has developed a specialized structure dedicated to the distribution on several fronts of market, resulting in the efficient positioning in the market of all and each one of their products, we have specialized staff in each marketing area of defined and specific products according to their functionality.

We have 7 specialized lines of product distribution, each oriented and specialized at the market directed strategically, which are responsible to commercialize, promote and position each line of our products.