Creating Markets

TRADE AND SAS is oriented to manage and creation markets.
TRADE AND SAS, as global marketer, specialized in the import market, through its different divisions of strategic marketing that handle a wide range of commercial distribution lines that allow us to reach a wide range of selected clientele, as diverse as the products we sell.

TRADE AND SAS imports all kinds of goods and products for it sale and distribution in the country efficiently and effectively, allowing us to position ourselves in the market as one of the largest providers of international products, especially Mediterranean Europe, supplying the local market with products of latest generation to affordable costs and with quality standards, that meet fully all requirements of the global marketplace.

Our staff specialized in Strategic Marketing, integrated into a Division dedicated to work in import and export of markets, follows closely the process of marketing, selling and positioning of the various brands imported by each of our lines of distribution, in addition to providing the required counseling to all our select customers, in the consolidations process of new markets and structural and logistic strengthening of the consolidated markets.

Distribution and Marketing

Advanced Distribution Lines.
Through our specialized products, we can offer as wholesale suppliers to all our customers, truly innovative products in the current market, with a ranking high marketing and the highest standards of quality.

All our products have a great international experience and a high commercial recognition, ensuring efficient and effective marketing of all its Stock. We strive to commercialize high quality products, with all the technical requirements of latest generation. Our great trade diversity lies in the wide range of products of different kind we market. Being retailers of products of technological type, of human consumption, textiles, and clinical plus a broad portfolio of specialized services that meet the needs of each of our clients.

For this reason, TRADE AND SAS has seven divisions established equally in distribution lines that are oriented to specialize in the marketing of each of products that we distribute in a massive way in the domestic market.