Accounting Services

TRADE AND SAS, focuses on the care of its economic results.
TRADE AND SAS, provides services to natural and legal companies so that they fulfill their obligations adequately and obtain savings and / or a reduction in their expenses within the framework of current tax legislation. In addition, advice and support is offered to meet requirements and actions of the territorial and national tax authorities, as well as a specialized service for the organization, administration and maintenance, focused on actions planned for the proper functioning of their properties.

Labor consultancy and accounting and administration outsourcing.
TRADE AND SAS, offers an ideal alternative to outsource processes of organization, management and linking of workers through labor contracts, with the aim of concentrating efforts on the strategic activities of the company's corporate purpose. TRADE AND SAS, specializes in the same way in the preparation of the accounting, organization of documents and accounting supports in order to obtain the financial reports: Trial balance, Balance sheet, Profit and loss statement.